The life of a stray dog can be most ungrateful and bleak. It is known that at least 70 percent of the world’s canine population remains homeless , left to their own devices by their caregivers, mostly being unsterilized pups.

Despite the efforts that various governments around the world are making to reduce the rate of homeless pets, this is an all-out battle that is difficult to win.

A stray dog lives every day in anguish wondering if he will be able to fill his empty tummy

The problem, above all, has been increasing in Latin America, such as the case of this unfortunate puppy.

Pinky was left to his fate , in Paseo de Los Laureles, corner with Geranio, Amplification Bugambilias neighborhood, in the municipality of Jiutepec , Mexico.

Pinky was already well known to all the neighbors.  However, he was in the most absolute malnutrition , having to look for a life as best he could among the bags of the smelly garbage cans of the city.

This is how the days passed in the life of this stray dog, a cross between a Chihuahua and a mestizo

It was common to see him very alone, wandering the streets of the intersection. If he was lucky, suddenly someone would sympathize and throw him some crusts of bread, or some remains of food and bones. If not, he would go back to the dumpsters hoping to find something else.

But, fortunately, no suffering is eternal, and like an angel fallen from heaven, an anonymous neighbor appeared who took pity on him.

He gave Pinky something unknown and unexpected, until now. The best gift of her life: a humble little wooden house for himself .

“Don’t destroy me, I’m a little dog’s house,” reads on the roof of the little wooden house that the man built for Pinky.

From one day to the next, that beautiful home, solidly built by hand and with a lot of love – even the house was nailed to the ground so that no one could move it -, appeared in the place where Pinky usually rests.

As was logical, emotion seized the furry one, who soon made his new home his own.

The kind action of the unidentified generous neighbor caught the attention of several local media. For his part, Efraín Maximino, another neighbor who knows Pinky, described the action with some winged words.

The puppy could not believe in such fortune

“I wish many of us had that great heart of that man who built Pinky’s house, and we would do the same, or at least if we saw dogs on the street we would give them little water and food and not be indifferent to the misfortune,” said Efraín.

The most wonderful thing of all is that as can be expected from the noble heart of a puppy in need, Pinky’s reaction was beyond great.

Pinky seemed to recognize the generosity of that man instinctively and spontaneously, so she did not hesitate to share her little house with other hungry and cold puppies, who came to keep her company.

Pinky knows the ordeal of the street and does not hesitate to make space for other puppies

Neighbors have started seeing another canine, who they nicknamed “Mailo”, next to Pinky . On several occasions he has been seen carelessly sunning himself, while his dear companion Mailo uses the house to himself more comfortably.

“As if to underscore the belief that good deeds beget other good deeds, it seems that the charity Pinky received extended to the kingdom of dogs as well,” added Efrain.

Mexico is the first country in Latin America with dogs in this condition . The adoption of these stray animals is an option to correct it.

That is why when someone decides to have a pet, they must be very aware of the responsibility, time and financial resources that this entails.

The best way to improve the world is with good multiplying actions. Thanks to the unsung hero who did for Pinky what no one else.


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