A young man has conquered the networks after the emotional farewell he gave his dog, his faithful companion, went viral . We cannot deny that the stories found on social networks can make us smile and other times leave our hearts in a thousand pieces.

This is one of those stories that remind us of the difficult moment people face when saying goodbye to their pets.

A young man bids a tearful goodbye to his faithful puppy who accompanied him for 12 years.

And it is that for the true lovers of animals, these are much more than a company, they are special beings that come to show us unconditional love and loyalty .

Beings that often occupy a privileged place in our lives, even more than some members of our family.

Gilberto tearfully thanked his life partner for the time he was by his side.

Unfortunately they are not eternal, and for different reasons, such as health or their advanced age, it is time to say goodbye. A scene that we all want to avoid but that is a reality that we must face.

Something that Gilberto Rodríguez recently experienced , who had to say goodbye to his husky after sharing happy and unforgettable moments for 12 years .

The husky came into the young man’s life when he was just a puppy.

To do this, the young man made an emotional video in which he shared some images in which he is seen with the puppy when he was just a puppy until today.

Gilberto dedicated a few last words to his adorable ball of hair , in the midst of his sadness and pain, the young man could not help crying as he spoke.

“What a rich dream, dad. Have you rested now, handsome?” she is heard saying with a sad smile and tears in her eyes. In the midst of his pain, the young man thanked the puppy for all the moments they spent together, of course, she told him once again how much she loved him and everything he meant to him . In this regard, he said:

“Thank you daddy, thank you daddy. I love you very much since you arrived at the house… I know that you loved me too”.

This emotional scene moved users of social networks. Shortly after it was published, it exceeded 8 million views, it has more than 1.5 million “likes” and more than 40,000 comments. People from all over the world came together to offer their condolences , many identified with his history and remembered their beloved pets.

“Without a doubt, a great pain, how good that you accompanied him until his last breath.” “It pierced my heart, I don’t want that day to ever come.” “You have to be strong, I know exactly what it feels like. I also saw mine fall asleep and, like you, I had it since I was a puppy. “How sad to say goodbye to the most sincere love of life.” “I imagine how much pain that young man must feel, puppies are part of our family, the unconditional love they give us is a lot. I accompany his feelings for the farewell to his pet, God has a good place for all of them, because they offer a lot of love ”.


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After the wave of positive comments and the immediate receptivity of Internet users to this moving story, Gilberto points out that he never imagined the support he would receive, he comments that it was not his plan but that of his puppy for this to happen.

“It was not my plan, but my shorty’s because many people went and hugged their puppies. Many people value them more. Many remembered his puppies. It was definitely his plan, so I’m sorry.”

We lament your loss. We trust that he has won a canine angel that happily crossed the rainbow, because in his life he had a person who loved him unconditionally.


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